Hottest Stepdad Summer

His insane mother took from him the one man he trusted growing up. And now, he wants him back.

Matt’s guilt got him into this mess. When Jamie reached out to him for an internship position, he was only thinking of the little boy he’d left behind with a cruel mother. Could he amend the past and help Jamie get his life on track? Or will Jamie’s hot looks and steamy advances drag him down a path he never expected?

There was only one man Jamie cared about from his past. With one chance to prove he could be everything Matt needed in life and love, Jamie was going for it. Matt would be his first, and his only, if he had his way. Could he get Matt over the past and join him in forever together?

One thing neither of them could deny was the explosive heat building between them, adding fuel to a fire that wouldn’t burn out. 

Iris Faire weaves a tale of past wrongs righted, of love fated, and of passionate desires explored. The quick read romp ends in a happy ever after, and can be read as a standalone, but will have you wishing for more in the interconnected Stepdad Summer Series. 

Author note: This book contains a romance between two people, with open door M/M love, naughty words, and sweat-inducing scenes. Turn back now if it isn’t your thing.

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