Stepdad Summer

It was only ninety days.

We agreed, this was only a convenient arrangement.

In fact, he had my signature on a piece of paper. I’d signed my life away for a summer of anything he wanted to do to me. In exchange he paid my debts. He kept me safe. It was a transaction, nothing more.

Ninety days of being his toy, his play thing. 

The only problem: I fell for him on day one.


Iris Faire weaves a tale of past wrongs righted, of love fated, and of passionate desires explored. The quick read romp ends in a happy ever after, and can be read as a standalone, but will have you wishing for more in the interconnected Stepdad Summer Series. 

Author note: This book contains a romance between two people, with open door M/M love, naughty words, and sweat-inducing scenes. Turn back now if it isn’t your thing.

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